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  • Hi, I’m Lynda Oldham and I am the therapist at La Therapy Lounge which is based in country surroundings close to Colchester, Essex. The therapies I work with are Crystal Healing, Angel Reiki, Psychic Surgery, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Past Life Regression (PLR). I am also a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and a Psychoanalyst.

  • Lynda is credited with Distinction in Crystal Therapy. This therapy involves managing any leaks of energy, cleansing the Aura, re-balancing the chakras and connecting you to the divine energy. This healing is very powerful but incredibly relaxing – clients seem to float out of my therapy room after this treatment!

  • Lynda has had a 99% success rate with Past Life Regression. With the session recorded onto CD, the client is able to research into the background of their past lives. Some clients have PLR just for curiosity, others to try and gain an understanding as to why things are as they are in this lifetime. It's all part of the healing process.

  • Lynda has trained in the teaching field and her workshops are fun, informative and involve making use of all of our senses. Let Lynda teach you how to awaken your senses to the environment around you and nurture your inner abilities that are just waiting to emerge!

  • Lynda feels very privileged to work for Spirit in this way and has successfully been doing readings for many years, bringing answers and comfort into the lives of others and giving divine guidance to those that have lost their way in life. She works in the love, light and with respect.

  • Lynda works to a very high standard with much experience in the area of hypnotherapy. Lynda’s expertise can help with many problems and can assist in creating many positive life changing experiences.

  • (Emotional Freedom Technique) This is a highly successful, simple and painless therapy where Lynda taps the meridian lines, releasing any blockages that have created any ill feeling. It's amazing how it works! Lynda will also teach you how to use this technique for self help after your treatment.

  • HEARTS is not prescriptive but complementary: it does not rely on using all of the components each time it is used. Lynda can “pick and mix” according to patient/clients needs. It is used in many diverse situations such as assisting sleep, promoting deeper breathing, reducing anxiety, creating a safe place, relaxation... and to help cancer patients/clients to feel better within themselves, hence enabling them to deal with their future better.


NEW! 'Lynda Oldham Spiritualist Centre'

9th May 2019

An Evening Of Clairvoyance

At Stanway Village Hall with one of our guest mediums.
Doors open 18:15 for a 19:30 start of Clairvoyance.
The evening is also offering:

  • 15 min Angel Readings Free!!
  • Massage and Healings Free!!
  • All to try out before and after the Clairvoyance, Yes All Free!!


    The Hearts Process

    Can be used at all stages of your cancer journey

    The Hearts Process was devised for therapists and health care professionals to be able to do something “in the moment” for patients and carers which was simple to receive and easy to give. Sometimes conventional approaches to massage and aromatherapy are not the best choice for patients who have cachexia, poor muscle tone, friable skin, swelling or skin which finds it difficult to absorb oil or cream.


    Working from the Heart with Honesty, Love and Compassion


    Within each of us appears to reside the events of past lives. A migraine, back pain or knee problem maybe telling a story from an old accident or wound. READ MORE


    Reiki is a form of natural healing involving the laying of hands or the hovering of hands and is thousands of years old. It is believed to have been used by Tibetan monks 2500 years ago. READ MORE


    Normally the subconscious and conscious part of the mind work independently to each other and are often at conflict which can often course unrest within the client. READ MORE

    Psychic Party

    Get your friends together socially in your own home and have a Psychic party, everyone will benefit from it. READ MORE

    Psychic Surgery

    Are you ill or suffering pain? Conventional treatment failed? Then why not try Psychic Surgery through me and my team of Spiritual surgeons, doctors,and healers? READ MORE

    Hypno Suggestion

    Suggestion Through Hypnoses helps to stop habits like smoking, to aid weight loss, to gain the confidence and courage to do the things in life that you have always wanted to do, to take away the fear of exams of any sort and to give ego boosters. READ MORE


    Why not join me at one of my workshops! Great for enticing your instincts and your hidden abilities; whilst networking with like-minded individuals on one of my fun packed days at La Therapy Lounge. READ MORE

    Reiki Attunement

    To be attuned into the Reiki lineage that goes back to Mikao Usui enables me to teach and attune to a very high standard; Reiki I for self healing; Reiki II to heal others; Reiki III Masters to teach and attune. Let Me Attune You With A Good Lineage! READ MORE

    Special Offers

    Psychic Party

    Weight Loss



    Recent Testimonials

    It was such a good meeting! At Lynda Oldham Spiritualist Centre, I have enjoyed every seconds of it. And I made some new friends. I had a wonderful reading also. You have created such a wonderful ambiance Lynda. Thank you. And the best thing: We all feel close to one another.
    l Martine (Source: fb April 2016)

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    Fordham, Colchester, Essex UK


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